Nov 18, 2007

Blogs Blogs Blogs

I have just lost two days trying to do a Typepad-Blog. After more than 20 hours at the computer I decided to update and refresh the Blogger-Blog because of some reasons that became clear while I was fighting in a new and different features jungle.

The first of the reasons was that I was losing my time and probably would lose it very often in the future if I had two blogs. This is an experience it seems I have to do every 4 months. I am drawn like an insect to the light to wonderful blogs I see and their -supposed- possibilities.

I would swear it is the last time I felt into temptation but I know me and don't dare to say it definitely. I hope it was.

The reason about all this is probably that I'm not happy at all with the recent evolution of my work. I'm doing very nice things but they are not what I really want to do NOW.

So I began with a kind of barometer of my present art feeling on the top of the right column of this blog, just to share it with you so that you can understand what you see on the posts.

You'll have to commute between fairies and skulls. I'm not going to maintain two different blogs because it would rob me precious time and I'm not going to translate "everything" into German either!! :-)


  1. oh Sara!
    your words are amazing!
    your art is always so soulful!
    and you always shines through it!

    my art may flow out of me but like you said, its not what I want it to be "NOW"

    I have came to the conclusion that this is because its time for change... the discovery is after all what keeps us creating :)

    and I think we are both women that enjoy a good challenge with are fairy tales :)

    Alexandre Dumas Père, said:

    “Happiness is like those palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons: we must fight in order to conquer it.”

  2. hey, you got to do what you got to do...

  3. Sara love the art you are making...really looking forward to seeing your new art that you want to make NOW

  4. Do you find you always want to do the opposite of what you think you 'should' be doing? If I'm supposed to vacuum – I want to create, If I'm supposed to create – I want to garden....

    Even if you only blog in German, we will still read it. Thanks to online translators we can still get the idea of what people are writing.

    Grow, flourish, and we will follow you, dear Sara

  5. I think we as artists go through this same thing. We are creative and so we go through these processes, I think it means a time for change is around the corner. It just presents itself now differently, like doing a new blog. You will have a fire of creativeness as you always do, but I think something big is around the corner.!!!