Nov 22, 2007

Moon Mood

After waiting for the sun to come (which didn't) I got inspired by the snow and the moon so that I did this piece with the moon with a sleep bonnet and two of my guardian angels trying to defend me from some moon mood I would rather not experience...

The piece (it hangs from the door of my new "glass studio") is about 10"x6!" (25x15cm)

Nachdem ich gewartet habe, dass die Sonne scheint (was nicht geschehen ist) ließ ich mich doch vom Schnee inspirieren und auch vom Mond. Ich machte dieses Stück mit dem Mond und seiner Schlafmütze und zwei von meinen Schutzengeln, die versuchen, mich zu beschützen, so daß ich nicht mondsüchtig werde...

Das Stück (es hängt von der Tür meines neuen "Glasstudios") ist ca. 25x15cm.


  1. :) I love the fairy-tale quality and the humor in your pieces, Sarah! Lovely. Please do not walk around on you roof at night:)
    Have a good day

  2. We always need a little moom mood to contrast with the sunlight, if you know what I mean. But, dear Sara, your work is always a sunshine to me.


  3. Ich kann mich sara nur anschließen :)
    es ist fantastisch!

  4. The moon is my sister, she gives me hope and guides me through the night.
    The sun is my brother, gives me hope and life.
    The earth is my mother.

    I just love your work :-)

  5. Wonderful work! I'm loving your focus lately on the moon, sun and the earth.I hope that your sun comes out soon!

  6. Oh! You make such wonderful things!! I love them all :))

  7. Everytime I look at your work it brings me happiness, like a ray of sunshine, so inspirational. thank you Sara.