Nov 25, 2007

It's growing - Es wächst

I wanted to share this pictures to show how my glass house is growing around me...

It's already closed around me but the windows on the upper part are missing yet.

But the best thing is that I already can work inside and feel warm!

Ich wollte diese Fotos zeigen, um zu verdeutlichen, wie das Glashaus rund um mich wächst...

Es ist schon rundherum zu, nur oben muss man noch einige Fenster einbauen.

Das Beste ist, dass ich schon drinnen warm arbeiten kann!!


  1. It will be interesting to see how you put glass in what looks to be a curved space above the existing door/windows. I am envious of this lovely space and glad you are already WARM. How can anyone create when cold??? I would not have been happy as an artist in a Paris atelier in the 20's with no heat and only cold water. Blessings. Suki

  2. This will be spectacular when it is completed. So glad that you are now keeping warm. No more blue fingers.

  3. thank you! I'm going to make the curvy space straight.