Feb 25, 2011

Yarn Angel - Wollengel - Ange aux pelottes de laine - Angel de la lana

She lives in your studio.
Sie lebt in Ihrem Studio.
Elle habite dans votre atelier.
Vive en tu atelier.

She helps you finding things you don't find.
Sie bringt Ihnen alles, was Sie suchen.
Elle vous apporte tout ce que vous cherchez.
Te trae todo lo que buscas.


  1. Hallo, der ist aber wunderschön den möchte ich unbedingt haben!!!!!
    Liabe Grüße

  2. sara, i just discovered your blog & your gorgeous art. my heart is smitten with your creations. i lovelovelove your every stitch. each fabric & face speaks to my very soul. what a gift it has been to visit this morning! xo

  3. She is so sweet and I love those tiny little balls of yarn. You say she lives in my studio? Perhaps if I tidy my workroom I might find her!

  4. thank you, friends, the angel appears and disappears in everyone's studio, but - as heather says - she likes untidy ones to hide better!!

  5. She must be hiding in my studio then. What a delight she is.

  6. Your dolls are so precious and that little basket of yarn is so cute. I love your style and enjoy visiting your blog often.

  7. Comme c'est charmant d'avoir une petite aide ailée qui veille sur vos minuscules fournitures! Merci Sara!

  8. Ya me parecía haberle visto un día la puntilla del vestido mientras se escondía entre mis telas...

    He recuperado la lectura de tu maravilloso blog, que se me había perdido entre las suscripciones. Qué contenta estoy!