Feb 17, 2011

Madonna on SALE

50% of the price.
50% vom Preis.
50% du prix.
50% del precio.

Because I have too many things to take back to Austria soon...
Weil ich zu viele Sache habe, die ich bald nach Österreich mitnehmen muß...
Parce-que j'ai trop de choses à emmener bientot en Autriche...
Porque tengo demasiadas cosas que llevar de vuelta a Austria proximamente...


  1. She is very beautiful and someone will snap her up. If I had made her I couldn't bear to part with her.

  2. And if Iwasn't taking atrip soon and had more money to play with I would buy her myself!

  3. heather, I am used to part... they stay with me somehow...
    pues buen viaje y aprovechá las vacaciones! :-)