Feb 2, 2011

Wood spirit - Holzgeist - Esprit du bois - Espíritu de la madera - I

A little spirit lives in the middle of the old tree.
Ein kleiner Geist wohnt in der Mitte vom alten Baum.
Un petit esprit habite au milieu du vieux arbre.
Un pequeño espíritu vive en el medio del árbol viejo.

Nobody has seen him but people know he's there.
Niemand hat ihn gesehen aber die Leute wissen, dass er dort ist.
Personne ne l'a vu, mais les gens savent qu'il est là.
Nadie lo vio, pero la gente sabe que está ahí.

He celebrates de Year of Forests.
Er feiert das Jahr der Wälder.


  1. Little fairies find the best places to live. Don't they?

  2. Delightful Sara - could he be an offspring of the Green Man?

  3. they do, joei!
    and heather, I love the green man! he surely is!!

  4. I do so love your pieces. This one is especially wonderful.

  5. It might be a little spirit, but I believe he's also a stróng spirit because he gets his strength from the tree he lives in !!!

  6. I want to be a fairy, so I can hide away from the world and wear pretty ethereal dresses and no shoes. This is wonderful.

  7. The brooches arrived today,tralllalalllalaaaa! Wonderful, thank you, Sara!

  8. I like the round form, the circle, like a mandala! and also your universe!