Dec 15, 2010

Tendrils - Ranken - Sarmants - Ramas I


  1. I love watching your pieces gradually grow and take shape.

  2. I just saw yesterday's posting: I love that you put it all on the green felt...and the fringed pieces!!! (Did you try the linnen fibers already?)
    These faces you make are surely something! Are they all printed on fabric as you told me? They look so delicate!
    (It looks as if you basted all your felt / fabric to a light cloth backing?!?)

  3. thank you, heather, I like to share sometimes all of the stages.
    els, I tried the fibers but put too little because I was afraid of spending them on a piece I didn't care about but wanted to try! I saw that they react beautifuly but next time I must put more! yes, the faces are the printed ones.
    I always put some kind of light fabric to back the work so that I can add and take and have a layer to work on.

  4. J'adore tes petits lutins pleins de poésie et de couleurs
    Continues de nous enchanter avec tes borderies !
    Bonne journée

  5. Vraiment vraiment très joli et belle rêverie!!
    Merci de nous faire voir les étapes!


  6. Ah que gracioso , síiiiiiiiiiii me imagino la cara está genial , me encanta , muy divertido un besito ♥
    y la Madonna de cabecera perfecta!!!!!!