Sep 26, 2010

Wee Population...

It looks like - if I turn my eyes from the piece - some little people get hold of it...

One minute there's nothing, the other minute somebody's running  or looking around...

Even vines are creeping into the picture...

This is too weird. I'm going to drink a coffee and see if I wake up...


  1. Wie wunderbar, genau das liebe ich, die Kombination von verschieden Techniken und Materialien. Es sieht wie immer ganz toll aus!

    Liebe Grüsse, Brigitte

  2. I love these crochet details. You added them otherwise then before. The same technique however another look and feeling. Innovation :-)And the beloved faces :-)

  3. I just love your little people, and the way your work evolves like a story unfolding.

  4. Too beautiful. Inspiring work xJ

  5. Yeah! No more hunting around trying to figure out where you are!
    Now I can visit every time you post! this "new" old style piece. Your angelic faces are always wonderful.

  6. Beautiful work Sara, I love the colours you have chosen and those little faces are so sweet :)

  7. Definitivamente me encanta la mezcla de texturas y de materiales, felicitaciones , se ve todo tan etéreo y tan sutíl, que me gusta muchísimo !!!!!
    un beso y hata pronto!!!!

  8. Brigitte,
    danke, dass Du mich auf die Kommentare aufmerksam gemacht hast! als ich den Blog wieder änderte, habe ich wahrscheinlich etwas falsch gemacht!!
    thank you, I can't really live without them!...
    I will, and I see you live in the most
    beautiful place and I love your sun porch!
    thank you, do you live in Wales? it's so inspiring too! next year I plan to stay there for some months. I use to be in Bangor.
    I'm happy you're here again!
    thank you! and I absolutely love your studio!!!

  9. Gosh you love my studio!.... I was gobsmacked watching yours take shape, I drooled over it so much! but thank you :)

  10. Thats not to say I dont like mine,I love being in my little studio