Sep 28, 2010

Upper corner of the beginning of something

This is a bigger picture of the upper right corner.

There is light and shadows and a kind of expectation.

The story isn't there yet. They are talking about it.


  1. I have been coming for a visit for a long time and have not been commenting...well that will change.
    I love, love everything you do. Your little people are a delight.
    I come from a doll making and now I am at last learning about hand quilting through Jude Hill.
    Thank you for all the delightful moments you have given me :)

  2. You really have a style of your own. So different from what I am used to seeing at other blogs. This is a very good thing! I love the little faces you have created on cloth. They are quite charming.

  3. This is going to be another magical piece of work I think.

  4. Gabriela,
    espero que la magia no se me vaya antes de terminar la pieza! como es tán grande, inusual para mí ultimamente.
    I'm very happy you visit me now. Your blog and dolls are charming too, I will also come oftern to visit you!

  5. Jude,
    thank you, it's nice to be on the flow again!