Sep 29, 2010

A map of the world...

This piece is getting bigger because the people on them are needing space.

They are not only needing space but a whole region, map, planet.

I was thinking about this kind of landscape (that I found in this wonderful blog about cartography!)

...and found some nice things in my (reduced) stash, like this:

...or this one...

...and my little planet is coming into life.


  1. How exciting to see it grow and that you allow it to grow. I'm following along and hoping the people will have enough space to live there in piece! :-)

  2. I just love maps and can get lost in an atlas for hours if I'm not careful =-) This is a lovely old map and I'm sure maps will fit lovely in your story.

  3. I shall enjoy watching your planet grow as you share it's progress with us, Sara.

  4. Can't wait to see it. This is going to be a fabulous piece.

  5. iHanna,
    I hope they will. I'm planning to do a series, so if they don't have all space in this one they will find it in the next one!
    I absolutely love very old maps and I noticed that the internet is a pandora box in this subject.
    I'm happy you found my blog once more!
    Healing Woman,
    this time you will have to wait a little longer because this is going to be a very slow cloth...

  6. How exciting...I look forward to seeing the progress.
    Thank you for your comment about my blog
    I feel like I have entered a new world...a familiar one at the same time.

  7. Mo'a
    I'm really pleased to learn another person with a similar world...!

  8. Happy to see your people expanding in spite of your limited stash - I can hear your imagination sparkle all the way long! Beautiful work - as always!