Sep 29, 2010


I hadn't noticed that my comments were moderated and I was terribly sad that nobody's liking what I'm doing.

Brigitte told me that her comment didn't appear and I noticed I had 28 comments awaiting moderation!

I will answer them now, thank you all in the meantime!

Ich hatte nicht gemerkt, dass meine Kommentare moderiert waren und war ganz traurig, weil ich dachte, niemand mag was ich gerade mache.

Danke vielmals, Brigitte, Du hast mich aus meiner Traurigkeit rausgenommen! ich hatte 28 Kommentare, die zu moderieren waren!

Ich werde sie gleich beantworten. Danke vielmals in der Zwischenzeit!


  1. How could anyone not like what you are doing Sara?!

  2. Sara, Sara, el dia que no te dejemos comentarios sobre tus hermosas piezas magicas, sera el dia que nuestros ojos o corazones esten ciegos y congelados....

  3. Oh its beautiful Sara Im loving my daily visits to watch this beautiful piece progress.....

  4. Love this piece, and was sad not to be able to post a comment!! Your little dreamworlds are my favorites among your work.

  5. Margaret,
    perhaps you couldn't post a comment because you are Anonymous.

  6. Yvonne (that's a strange Scottish name...)
    I love your studio nevertheless and specially because it's in Scotland. Can you use it all year round?

  7. Having a good imagination is a mixed blessing.

  8. Hi Sara, yes I can use it all year round, because my husband installed a heating system. We also spent a lot of time insulating it with foam boards and foil and wood, you can see the progression of it all in my flickr album about the studio. Sonetimes it is just enough to have the lights on as they can get very warm and the ceiling is low.

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