Jan 22, 2009

Still flying - Fliegen noch immer...

Today I didn't do much on my piece. This is my first week and I think 2009 is going to be a rather tranquil year. A year of taking a rest of magazines, articles, selling and working on series.

I would like to see what I do when I'm not pushed. I'm not saying I'm not going to do anything at all, perhaps some e-patterns to continue this enterprise, just not to deceive the friends I learned to know in the blog and Flickr.

I want to have the freedom of creating whatever I fancy without obligation.

I hope this will be interesting to you too because I want to write my experiences on the blog and document them. As many of my intentions - and this is a risky New Year intention! - it can be subject to revision at some point because I know my many moods... but I would love to do this.

Heute habe ich nicht sehr viel an mein Stück gearbeitet. Es ist meine erste Woche zu Hause und ich glaube, dass 2009 ein ruhiges Jahr sein wird. Ruhe von Artikeln, Shop und Arbeiten in Serien.
Ich möchte sehen, was ich mache, wenn ich nicht "muß". Das heißt nicht, dass ich überhaupt nichts machen werde, ich werde meine E-Anleitungen in Ruhe weiter machen, um meine Freunde im Net nicht zu vergrämen!

Ich will die Freiheit haben, ohne Druck zu schöpfen.

Da ich meine Erfahrungen im Blog niederschreiben will, hoffe ich, dass auch alle damit zufrieden sind. Es ist ein Neujahrvorhaben, und wie oft, diese stehen auf unsicheren Beinen... aber es wäre mein Wunsch für 2009!


  1. as you know, my big project this year is "coma". it is an experiment in undoing habits, healing wounds, getting back, staying still and investigating how we communicate, my entire process including the not so good parts will be public and i am interested to see the reaction. many have joined in my journey and it has become very fulfilling all ready. glad to have you back and i look forward to what the year will bring.

  2. i think this is a very good idea. i will be following with interest. I agree about being wary of making resolutions and my moods are such that i rarely end up doing what I say i will.

  3. It is interesting to me! I am always interested in reading about the creative process.

    I came across your blog a month or so ago and have enjoyed it. And I love your work.

    Best of luck, and enjoy your tranquil year.

  4. thank you, all three of you, for your support. That's the thing that counts. without it there would be no creativity at all.
    I will try to make my blog a very communicative one.

  5. you know i enjoy all the work that you do, and in my own personal life i have a lot of that attitude too, do what you want when you want to....although, on the selfish side, i would love more of your e-patterns when you have time. i really love them.
    debby wolff

  6. I am so pleased to see you back Sara. The idea you have of wanting to work without pressure or deadlines to meet, seems idyllic and one I would love to subscribe to.
    I am sure that you become far more adventurous in your designs and will have ideas flowing out from your dreams once more.
    Good luck and all the best for 2009. I look forward to reading this years blogs with interest as usual.

  7. I look forward to seeing/hearing whatever strikes your fancy...it's all good! And I love my new book, "Faces". Delicious!

  8. Liebe Sara,
    ich kann Sie so gut verstehen! Gerade letzte Woche sprachen meine Freundin und ich darüber, dass wir nicht mehr "müssen" möchten, sondern wieder das "wollen" fühlen möchten.
    Liebe Grüße,
    Sabin aus Deutschland