Jan 22, 2009

Crazy thing - Was Verrücktes...

This is something that happens when I'm in a crazy mood. It's a WOP, actually "was" a WOP heading in a "throw" direction before my mood struck...

My living room is full of knitting wool (full is an understatement). I collected lots of it these last months. This happens when water in my studio freezes and me with it. Things begin to overflow my living room because I'm too lazy to heat my wood oven for a short amount of time and begin to carry material to the heated rooms.

I had this crazy idea of beginning a throw last winter as if I would have time to do about 10 times more than the piece I did in my first enthusiasm. Now it looked at me from a corner of the room and pointed at me with the finger... I draped it around me and thought that converting it in a "studio skirt" for the cold would be a good idea. Nobody has to see me in my studio while I'm working because I must confess that the piece doesn't flatter my "allthedaysittingaround-nosports"-figure. But it's fun and warm. Well, now you know why I didn't work much on my stitching today! I'm probably not going to finish it tomorrow but we have January and the promise of a quiet year...


  1. I have the same 'allthedaysittingaroundnosport figure..and a cold house too!

  2. it's so nice not to be alone with this! :-)

  3. Hello Sara und vielen Dank fuer Dein Besuch und nettes Kommentar :) .. entschuldigung fuer mein schreckliches Deutsch!
    Pleased to meet you ... your work is lovely :)
    Gruesse aus England

  4. Danke, Rima, für Dein Kommentar, und Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut!
    Ich habe einen Link zu Deiner Seite gegeben.

  5. sowas nennt man VW: verrückt und warm, so laufe bzw. sitze ich auch oft in unserer Bürohütte. Selten ist der Bollerofen an, darum hats oft 10 Grad.... ich liebe meine VWs!

  6. Elaine, du hast recht, und bei mir sind 10 grad noch "arbeitstemperatur"!

  7. Das kenne ich so gut Sara. Weil's im atelier so kalt ist schleppe ich im Winter alles ins Wohnzimmer und mags dan nicht jedesmal wegräumen. Mein Winterzirkus nenne ich das.