Jan 21, 2009

Fly me to the moon

Yesterday I began working on a new piece after a couple of months of "inactivity". Since I visited the Knitting & Stitching Show in London I couldn't put some time together to really stitch something. I got a hang of crochet and knitting because they didn't need so many material to carry around and I enjoyed a relative easy work doing lots of hats, scarves, mittens, shawls and vests. In Wales I did 12 things for my DD3 and last week 8 for my DD1.

Gestern began ich ein neues Stück nach einem Paar Monate "faulenzen". Nach dem Knitting & Stitching Show in London habe ich mich nicht oganisieren können. Ich began zu stricken und häkeln, weil das Material leichter zu mitnehmen ist. Ich habe Unmengen von Sachen für die Töchter, die ich besucht habe gemacht, 12 für die Erste, 8 für die Zweite.

It isn't difficult to notice some crochet in my new piece because I can't stop and crochet turned out to be something I must include in my work now.

Man kann im neuen Stück sofort diese Beeinflussung sehen. Ich werde dieses Element in der Zukunft behalten. Ich habe es lieb gewonnen.

This piece began with the idea of flying to the moon but it developed in a mixture of Jack and the beanstalk with the original idea...

Das Stück began mit einem Mondflug, aber es verschmelzte sich mit Jack und die Bohnenstange...

I couldn't take pictures because of the bad light. Perhaps tomorrow I'm going to be able to take some.

Ich habe keine gute Fotos davon, da das Licht sehr schlecht war. Vielleicht morgen...


  1. welcome back sara, the crochet adds a nice new texture to your work.

  2. I love their faces, so angelic and pretty! I also love to knit and crochet, alas, I have no time!

  3. Exciting, love the combinations of stitch and crochet.x

  4. Hi Sara, I agree with Jude - the crocheting fits in well and adds texture and dimension to the punched background!

  5. What a wonderful "marriage" you have here with felting and crochet. Looks like you have been "what if-ing" with great results!

  6. thank you, I will continue to use crochet in my pieces. It is a new possibility that I enjoy.