Oct 4, 2008

Whattifing around project - Waswärewennprojekt

I just want to tell that I began a "Whatiffing Around" project on a new site.

You are all invited to take part if you wish because it isn't very time consuming. It is for the embellisher but many "what ifs" will be also a universal textile possibility just to trigger your imagination and try to make them with other materials.

Ich möchte sagen, dass ich ein "Waswäredennprojekt" auf einer neuen Seite angefangen habe.

Sie sind alle eingelanden, mitzumachen, da es nicht so zeitraubend ist. Es ist für den Embellisher gemeint, aber man kann auch in anderen textilen Techniken mitmachen.


  1. As always I am drawn in by your art and unique expression! Always I experience inspiration when visiting you!

  2. Hi sara, I'm intriged by the name of your blog, and see you start a whatiffing which I would like to participate.yvette

  3. C'est un projet génial. Merveilleuse idée. Merci Sara

  4. Sara! What a fantastic idea!!! I've always admired people who do a 'drawing' a day or a 'journal a day' but this is even better. I love how your first ones seem to grow from the last - so inspiring! May have to cook something up along these lines - one a day - it can only feed your creativity!!!