Oct 13, 2008

Knitting and Stitching Show 2008 London

Now I'm back from the Show where I had such wonderful experiences! I met the most wonderful people -f.i. here on the photo Marie and Sue- and saw extraordinary works.
What can you say about such an exhibition? you cannot find words to describe it, you must see it.

I specially liked work done by young upcoming artists. They have a fresh new edge to it.

I also met Beryl Taylor and was happy to spend the morning with her because she is such a talented and interesting lady.

I also visited the house of William Morris in London. That was a treat!

I show some pictures of the entrance because you weren't allowed to take pictures of the most interesting things.

Jetzt bin ich zurück von diesem Show, wo ich tolle Erfahrungen gesammelt habe! Ich habe die netteste Leute getroffen -z.B. die ladies auf dem Bild, Marie und Sue- und habe wunderschöne Werke gesehen. Was kann man darüber erzählen? Man muss sie sehen. Bitte, das nächste Mal nicht verpassen, falls Ihr noch nicht dabei wart.

Besonders habe ich die Werke von jungen Stickern und Designern gesehen.

Ich habe auch Beryl Taylor getroffen und den Vormittag mit ihr verbracht. Sie ist so nett und talentiert, besucht, bitte, ihre Seite.

Ich habe auch das Haus von William Morris in London besucht. Empfehlenswert!

Ich zeige Fotos vom Eingang, da ich nicht weiß, ob man die Anderen im Blog zeigen darf.


  1. Was für eine Landschaft! Beeindruckend!

  2. If it wasn't such a long time since I left school I would understand your blog in German! I just want to thank you for the photos of those glorious coloured threads and yarns. I hope you stocked up on plenty so that you can delight us all with more of your magical pieces.

  3. I wished I had been able to get to the show in London,I visited the one in Birmingham.
    So many beautiful art works and very inspiring.

  4. I like the coral reef photos.
    I could nt go to the show this year. I sometimes go and help on the Guild of Silk Painters stand and has some of my work on display on our stand as well as on our website. I like Alexandra Palace and the wonderful view across London. I live on the other side of London. During the Ice Age the ice sheet reached the spot where Ally Pally now is! The show is a visual feast and I agree beyond words. Maybe we shall meet there another year.

  5. Hi Sara,
    I wished I hadn't been so busy, I would have loved to have met you in London, perhaps some other time. I'm glad that you enjoyed your visit. I must get there myself one day. BW Tricia

  6. Hello Sara - Thank you for for your visit to my blog. I see you went to the K & S show as well. Wasn't it wonderful? So much incredible work on display. I could have visited all four days. I love your textiles blog. You produce the most enchanting, delicate work - you should have had a stand at the show yourself. I have put you on my blogroll and I will be back for further visits.

    By the way, I absolutely loved the parking video. That silly person just wouldn't give up even though they must have know their vehicle was too long.

  7. hi sara, nice to see you...hope someday to meet you at one of thee gatherings.....

  8. Oh my dear Sara, these news are like news from a distant paradise! Thank you so much for sharing this. I wish I can visit an event like this someday...
    big hug!