Mar 6, 2018

Semi-Challenge - Unity and Contrast

Looking at my pieces I noticed that I had to do something to add contrast to the embroideries and appliqués.

This is actually the way I work and my challenges are meant to let you see my way of planning (or not) the whole, my way of deciding what to do next and work in small steps, adding slowly and also my biggest concern is to balance the details so that the whole piece has a kind of overall balance.

I am also concerned about using all of the cutouts that are produced while cutting the appliqués because they are not only useful but also push your imagination in the process.

I punched the archs from the back.

I cut the diamonds and the small triangles were left.

I used the triangles too.

Also in the star.

Now you can see that there is more contrast and everything is coming along nicely.
Much work to be done yet!

In the rectangles I don't only use the most primitive stitches but I also do some work on composition.


  1. A great way to work on the composition too, by laying it out like this ...

  2. I love the gently contrasting colours you put together, and your use of stitch.