Mar 7, 2018

Ali Baba's Treasure...

You can see that some times I get distracted from my goals... This piece isn't really about only stitches any more. There are stitches. But then there is my stash and yesterday I did some organizing... and noticed I have trillions of sequins, pearls,beads, you name it...

 I am not that young any more, I already wear purple. I can sew about 1000 embellishments a day and I don't like to dump things... I decided to do some experimentation with all this treasure.

I think my work is going to show more glitter in the future...


  1. Love how you are delving into your stash and using it, well, I won't say using it up because if you are like me, we can't live long enough to use it up. But it is fun trying. Looks good, Sarah.

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