Mar 15, 2018

Semi-Challenge - First Page

I decided to do a book and this is the first page. Finished.

Adding details:

Not happy with the contrast...:

I sew the squares to a dyed cheese cloth. I punched it to some paper. 

I added more contrast to the piece with couching and these stitches:

Now I'm happy. I put some tulle underneath and more paper:

I sew it to these layers...


Back, painted with white acrylic paint:

Added one more layer of tulle to the back and sew everything together so that you can turn the page of the book when the piece is finished:

Surface texture:

Contrast before and after:

I'm always asked how I plan a piece. I hope this semi-challenge is the answer. I began with an idea and added to it. I can't keep the same concept for 3 months... I always get more ideas and the piece speaks to me all the time.

Now I will continue with page 2...


  1. I love this page and look forward to seeing the others as you create them.

  2. must be a nice sturdy page with all the extra layers !!!