Mar 26, 2009


I'm very happy about Goodreads. I was waiting for this kind of community. Reading is my absolute favorite pastime! I also just discovered the mp3 books...

Visit it and see what it is! and thank you, Ellen, for introducing me to it!


  1. Hi Sara

    I discovered a while back and love it too!

    Dot :)

  2. hola Sara
    donde compraste la lana de esta japonesa? en europa? me encantaria echarmela a la cara, pero pedirla en japon sale muy cara por los gastos de envío.asi que busco y busco pero no la encuentro!

  3. Thanks for this, Sara. Hadn't come across this site before. Have you seen Librarything? - that's fun too. And there's an Early Reviewer scheme where you can sign up for books and they send them in return for a review - I've been sent 3 or 4 in the last 12 months or so...

  4. that's great, Liz, I must find the site!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, it looks brilliant.
    I also loved the sheep!

    Michala x