Feb 19, 2009

Winter yet - Winter noch

I'm indulging once more in my winter activities. It's difficult for me to do my usual work now that the studio is so cold and I have the 4th. cold this season...

This shawl was done with knitting combined with felting. I used the embellisher to do that and was very happy with the result.

All this is a kind of welcome break and I spend more time sketching and planning than doing the actual work. This can take some months when I get into it.

We are deep covered by snow and time stands still. I'm waiting for spring to sprout once more...

Ich verfalle in Winteraktivitäten, jetzt wo ich meinen 4. Schnupfen in diesem Winter habe...

Dieser Schal ist eine Kombination von Stricken und Filzen mit dem Embellisher.

Ich genieße diese Pause und verbringe die Zeit auch mit Skizzieren und Planen. Dies kann mich für eine Weile ablenken.

Wir sind mit Schnee bedeckt und die Zeit steht still. Ich warte bis zum Frühling zu keimen...


  1. Your scarf is so beautiful and will be very cosy to wear. I do hope you will be free from your cold and the snow soon. Ours has gone and the early spring flowers are just beginning to show, so spring is on the way.

  2. What a beautiful scarf Sara. Such colours are bound to keep you smiling through those snow covered months. I hope you recover from yet another cold.

  3. I'm happy you liked the scarf. Thank you!

  4. The 4th cold! Poor you!
    The shawl is really lovely and it looks very warm and cosy.

  5. also sara , wickle dich brav in diese schönheit ein, plane und skizziere weiterhin gemütlich in der warme stube und bitte sende mir deine postadresse.
    genesungsgruss aus tirol:

  6. i am lucky enough to have escaped having sickness this winter despite the horrible cold. it is always good to be making warm things when the cold has you in its grips. i look forward to what spring will bring. and feel better!

  7. This scarf leads me to dream about better skys, i love it!

  8. I admire your scarf very much. It looks like a fabulous tool in the battle against Winter cold! Hoping you are feeling restored to health very soon and Spring warmth is not too far away :-)

  9. Lovely shawl, Sara. I love the colors you used (some of my favorites for clothing).
    Also, congratulations on being profiled in the new Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. It arrived in yesterday's mail. Very nice article!

  10. thank you all very much for your comments!

  11. Thats a beautiful scarf and a lovely image ''covered deep in snow and time stands still...'

  12. You scarf is very beautiful Sara! Yes, we are many to waithíng for spring, I think!
    I read the article about you today in Clth, Paper&Scissors! Congratulatuions!