Aug 12, 2008

Wij Garden in Sweden - Wijgarten in Schweden

Please, see in LARGE!

Photos, bitte, GROSS anschauen!

We visited the Wij garden in the vicinity of the school where I was teaching. It is made by the gardener of the Swedish king and it is astonishing how things grow on those latitudes!!.

The day was more than grey and it was around 7:00pm but the colors were stunning bright!

Wir haben den Garten von Wij in der Nähe von der Schule besucht. Der Königsgärtner hat ihn gemacht und es ist unglaublich, wie alle diese Pflanzen in dieser nördlichen Gegend wachsen!!.

Der Tag war sehr grau und es war ca. 19h aber die Farben sind prächtig!


  1. Wonderful pictures Sara! So beautiful isn´t my garden. I am glad you like Sweden!

  2. how beautiful! i wish i could garden like that..and im glad you has such a good time!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! all I have now is two tomato plants, a catnip & a Peace rose...

  4. Lovely colors and textures. I love the rock entwined with twigs, a granite egg in a nest. And the other twig structures. You must have had a lovely time.

  5. Such beautiful photos of the gardens! You bring great memories back to me of a great summer in Stockholm near the University. Tak!

  6. My Oma spent much time in Sweden as a young woman before her marriage (turn of the century) and loved the country dearly. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs. :)

  7. Is there anything more beautiful than a garden?

    Jill in Florida

  8. Beautiful Inspiration! Isn't it amazing how green and lush it is, considering they spend half the year in icy snow?