Aug 11, 2008

...and a pillow coming back - ...und ein Polster beim Zurückkehren

This is the pillow I did today with a yellow fabric I bought at Stockholm.

Now I'm back from my stay in Sweden. I enjoyed it very much because I met so wonderful people and the workshop was very interesting because most of the students worked the first time with an embellisher. They all did great and we had many beautiful pieces.

Tilleke Schwarz and Dorothy Tucker were the other teacher. Tilleke showed us photos of her work with embroidery and words while Dorothy spoke about kanthas. I enjoyed both talks a lot.

Tilleke had some copies of her book with her body of work "Mark Making". It's wonderful.

Pian Bates had also her book about embroidery that recently appeared and is worth seeing.

All was organized by the Embroidery Academy of Stockholm and the Symposium took place in a school in a picturesque Swedisch landscape to the north of Stockholm.

It was my first time in Sweden and I visited many museums and design shops and exhibitions in Stockholm with Annica (right) and Susan of Cyber Fyber (left):

Annica already has some photos of the Symposium on her blog. They were the most wonderful sightseeing companions.

I look forward to visit Sweden once more as soon as I can. I'm really in love with it!

Jetzt bin ich von Schweden zurück, wo ich die tollsten Erfahrungen gemacht habe. Selten habe ich eine Reise so genossen.

Tilleke Schwarz und Dorothy Tucker waren die anderen Lehrerinnen, die über ihr Werk auch sprachen. Dorothy sprach über Kanthas. Bitte folgen Sie die Links, die ich im englischen Text habe.


  1. This is so beautiful, I am totally in awe.
    I too love Sweden. My brother lives there and I go as often as I can, it is the most glorious place.

  2. And you were a wonderful guest! Please come back soon!

    Your pillow is beautiful. I think I might have seen the rose print before... :-)

  3. It looked so good on Annica's blog..I am trying to think how we could organise a UK trip for you.

  4. Love that you used the color matching circles that is on the edge of the fabric. I thought I was the only one who saved them. Glad your back to share your creations.

    Jill in Florida

  5. Wonderful pillow Sara! I really like the randomness of the words and the bright spark of red!

  6. Sara!!
    What a magical trip!! Your photos are glorious and your company wonderful!! Susan is terrific isn't she!!?? I am of Swedish heritage and your pictures and experiences make me want to visit immediately- must wait till children are grown!!!
    thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences with us!!

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