Jul 23, 2008

So chic - Sew chick

Because I'm going to be away on August I already have my pattern done now.

This time it is a doll because I want to explain some 3-D issues and the combination of dry and wet felting for some situations.

This time I took an extra time for working on the photos and I think they turned out very well. The workshop has 32 pages because I wanted to depict very well some details.

I got the idea with the little bunny. I loved that long ear and wished I could have some other doll for grown-ups!

Because I have a collection of big fun pincushions and I want to see it at my studio near to me I thought this would be a good idea.

You will need an embellisher to do this one though, but some ladies are very gifted and can perhaps use the pattern for other techniques!


  1. haha thats really cute :)

    Hope to hear from you,
    Take care

    Monika ♥

  2. Liebe Sara, deine Langohrversion ist spitze und ich freu mich schon sehr aufs Muster, geniale Idee, herzliche Grüße,

  3. Sara, I truly admire your talent and your ability to compute your brain in order to produce these wonderful patterns. I wish my brain worked that way, it just hurts when I think of anything too complicated!

  4. what a wonderful pincushion

  5. ce petit personnage est adorable !!!

  6. I like that one can see the "chick" from two sides at the same time so it is 3d in a double sense!
    Funny chick!!

  7. ein wundervoll sinnlich zarter blog - ich werde ihn auf meinen verlinken um mehr lesen zu können - herzliche grüße! julia

  8. So cute! There is a surprise for you on my blog - check it out!

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