Jul 9, 2008

In my brain - In meinem Hirn

I just noticed how I carry my ideas along time...

Ich habe gerade gemerkt, wie ich meine Ideen mit in der Zeit nehme...


  1. Sara is this one of your earlier works? I think I prefer your later ones though as they are much more colourful. We grow, I think, we move along, I also feel I keep returning to earlier themes, I know what you mean. I love all your little details Sara, they are exquisite. Best Wishes Tricia

  2. I have wandered through your fliker album and noticed how your work carries themes that develop. I think this is true of most artists. Many pieces seem to be related but of a new generation. The strong traits are carried into the future.

    Rhode Island

  3. wunderschön, für träumen!

  4. que maravilla..y viene del corazon que es lo bonito de crear..
    un beso desde berna

  5. Hi again Sara,
    I am here again, this time to tell you that I think that you are very skilled at blogging, so much so that I have nominated you for an award, just pop along to my site to see the details. Tricia

  6. Sara...another wonderful piece!! I love how your mind works.

    Kind Regards~ Rella

  7. nun...das zeigt, dass man kein völlig anderer wird, wenn man sich entwickelt....der "Kern" bleibt, aber er verändert sich.
    Ich mag beide Stücke sehr und es sind zwei Pole zwischen denen ich auch immer wieder pendle: das lebensfrohe-energiegeladene-bunte und das gelassene-zur-Ruhe-gekommene-sanfte.

  8. Fantastic! Love how minimal the colors are, yet how dynamic the piece still is! You are remarkable Sara!

  9. I always look at your work with amazement. It is so wonderful and powerful, although the figures you make are so delightful, delicate and sweet. It is a gift that you can make such wonderful art!

    Corryna from the Netherlands