Jul 6, 2008

New Pattern for July - Neue Anleitung für Juli

This is my new pattern for the month of July. This time I will explain how I do the "watercoloring" with felt.

The little fairy to the right is looking through the window. Her fairy friend awaits her in the magic woods.

Diese ist meine neue Anleitung für den Monat Juli. Dieses Mal erkläre ich, wie ich mit dem Embellisher oder Clover Filzgerät einen Aquarelleffekt erreiche.

Diese kleine Fee schaut durch das Fenster und sieht ihre kleine Freundin, die auf sie im Zauberwald wartet.


  1. Hi Sarah, i love your little fairy and the mushroom on your new blog. Don't know why i can't comment there.

  2. Hi Sara. This looks fantastic, I just placed an order.

  3. I am so pleased to have purchased this wonderful tutorial. I have almost completed the felt and embroidery. Although I don't have an embellisher, I have used the wet- felted method and it has worked out very well. Will send you a picture when I have completed it.