Oct 6, 2007

Free Burma

free burma.jpg
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When only one dreams, it is a dream
If many dream, it is the beginning of a reality.

Wenn nur Einer träumt, es bleibt ein Traum
Wenn viele träumen, es ist der Anfang einer Wirklichkeit.


  1. Lovely quote Sara. And did you make the poster? I looked thru some of your FLICKR photos. You are prolific and your work is unique and so lovely. I looked at photos of your studio too. I love the cloth hanging, the white tables and tea sets. Oh, my. I want to come for tea and a chat. What a beautiful space. I will look at more photos soon. thanks for sharing your special world.

  2. I found it in another blog.
    thank you for the nice comments. I would really be very happy if you visit me some time. I love Cape Cod, I only was there once, as I attended a class at Haystack.

  3. Sara, Haystack is in Maine. On Cape Cod we have Truro Castle Hill and Provincetown art workshops. I'd invite you to visit on Cape Cod but at the moment I have no home but am a sort of wandering gypsy (though at the moment am living with my 90 year old mother). To help out.