Oct 15, 2007

Fall in the woods

Fall is a season where the earth lay down to sleep. The animals are bare their safety. They are fair game. The fog and the dark wrap them up.

Der Herbst ist eine Jahreszeit in der die Erde sich zum Schlafen legt. Die Tiere verlieren ihren Schutz. Sie sind "Freiwild". Der Nebel und die Dunkelheit umhüllen sie.


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  2. Sara,
    I deleted my previous post, don't know how it did that.
    Your creatures (they have no underpants? Fair game?:)are whimsical, their headdresses are beautiful. I ponder about the cocon-person on the bottom... I like your art very much,
    Ich finde Du bist eine Märchenerzählerin...

  3. well, the hare on our fields wear no underpants, the deer wear a dress only on Sunday! :-)

  4. Sara, for some reason that's just what my husband and I did talk about yesterday: Fall as a season not only in nature but also in everybodys life. And I would like so much, when the time comes, to be layed into the woods, a blanket of coloured leaves covering me...nothing els....given back to nature...

    Lies mal "Welkes Blatt", Herm. Hesse

    ...und dein Kunstwerk ist wunderschön!...ganz besonders mag ich diese Figur unten in der Ecke

  5. These pieces are gorgeous Sara!

  6. The Earth lay down to sleep - the fog and the dark wrap (the animals) up. Beautifully insightful - as is your artwork. Lovely, Sara.

  7. Grusse Gott!
    Viele Danke fur Ihre comment auf meine blog. Wenn ich war nur ein Kind hat ich Deutsch gesprochen. Leider nicht mehr. Ich habe alles vergessen! Mein Vater ist aus Ungarn, aber unser Familie ist Deutsche. Meine Schwester wohnt bei Frankfurt. Seit 1964 hat mein Vater (und jetzt meine andere Schwester) eine programme fur studenten. Jeder Summer kommt die Studenten zu Salzburg. Sie studert Geschicte, Musik, und so weider. Jeder Summer hat ich in Salzburg gewohnt. Wien ist auch eine schone Stadt. Mein Sohn, Mathias, hat in der Museum Quartier tanzt...im 2005 und hat ein Gelb-medal bekommen.

    Okay...I'll switch to English now! Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's been several weeks ago. I've meant to write ever since but got too busy with a project I've got called CYBER FYBER. To be honest, I was almost afraid to write back. Your work is so incredible and I've been in awe for such a long time that I never thought you'd leave a comment in the first place...so, from my heart, thank you.

    I hear that you will be teaching in Sweden this summer. I hope to attend. It would be my honor to learn more about the Embellisher from such an expert like you.

    I adore your current work, the incorporation of pages of text and the weightless feeling of your wired pieces. I also like the blog being written in two languages. I might pick up a few words from my childhood!

    Thank you!