Oct 31, 2007

Angels and Brooch

I did a lot of angels because I had so many people asking for more... They are always getting better in the technique because I had some new ideas in the doing. Did I tell that the back is made of self made felt? because of that they look very 3D.

I also did a small brooch that looks very nice with a silk shawl, for instance. I embedded the pearl in the felt.


  1. is it the silk that is sparkling? it looks metallic. lovely effect... how big are these?

  2. i used metallic organza over the felt to do it more "jewelly". they are 2x2,5"

  3. I like your work; I like the faces. it's a moment of innocence.and every day, I am going on your blog, seing eyes and heart!
    Thanks to share it!
    anne from France

  4. Das könnte auch zu meiner Kleidung passen, ..total schööön!

  5. I am loving your brooches Sara! A great way to wear your beautiful art...

  6. so wonderful , I love this, the colors,the face.. beautiful!!! Rose