Jul 23, 2007

A turn in my themes

Some days ago I rediscovered one of my passions. Not only do I love the Middle Ages but I love the early American civilizations quite as much. I did begin to study anthropology as I was young hoping that I could do some archaeological excavations sometime in my life.

I already told about my childhood in a house full of Jesuit art of South America and about loving all the tiny details and small faces hanging from or appearing somewhere on the surface of an object.

On Saturday I went to the biggest textile event in Austria, the Textile Market of Haslach and bought a book about Textiles of Peru (from Paracas and the Nazcas) which has wonderful detail photographs of lots of textile pieces of this region.

This helped me to make two smal pieces of felt and hand embroidery that I'm going to show you as soon as I have good light to take photographs.

I just wanted you to know what you can expect in my future work.

I found some pictures at Go2Peru :

and perhaps you get an idea of where I'm heading to...


  1. I can imagine what you will make and I'm really looking forward what we will see !Claudia

  2. Dear Sara.
    You are just unbelievable !!!
    The creativity and the energy with the spiritual sparkle.
    There is noone like you.
    Thanks for sharing, I am so happy that you have found a new side to your passion and source of creation.
    Much love.


  3. a while ago I saw a Documentation on TV about the Nazcas and was fascinated too. Great source of inspiration!