Jul 7, 2007

Coming back home

This is my new piece, it's about 12"x13" (30x33cm).

This lady is coming home with the morning star... who knows why... perhaps she comes back from her friend but she could also have worked all night. So different interpretations and I keep thinking about each of them. The sun is up, the birds sing, the morning star is still there.

I did the background with silk paint on polyfelt. I loved the result. The paint gathers on the borders and it dries nicely.

I used some beads I bought on my visit to Traunstein in Germany at the shop of one very interesting felt artist, Barbara Huber. The name of the shop is "Unikat" but I couldn't find a web address...

Gaby Tisch
, a German textile artist, who makes the most beautiful dyed fabric and threads, was in my workshop and we tried to combine dyed fabric and embellisher. This piece is a result of this.


  1. so beautiful! The colors, the faces, the birds, the windows! And, thanks for showing all the photos and details.

  2. Another beautiful piece, Sara. I really love all of your work. It is so inspiring.

  3. these are really amazing, the way you can blend the colors. can you work with any kind of materials?

  4. yes, you can, for some of them you must perhaps use others which are more "hairy" to blend them, like tulle, but you can even blend f.i. fabric to this papery underfacing or fabric to fabric!

  5. This is so lovely, the colours are beautiful

  6. Sara this is stunning... I just love your work. The colours and detail are amazing. Love the beautiful faces too.
    I saw one of your gorgeous dolls recently that you swapped with Dot - such a treasure.
    Love visiting you blog.

  7. Thanks, Maria de Jesus, Ro and Jacky,
    I appreciate your comments and I'm happy you liked this piece.

  8. Magnifique.
    I love your works . Its "speak" to me