May 2, 2007


I've been tagged by Jude.

The rules

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1. I always have bread with miso and spread cheese for breakfast

2. I don't like to phone (out of free will, only if I must...!). I only communicate per email (no communication before that invention!)

3. I'm afraid of insects at night in my room (not in Austria, but in Argentina and Australia)

4. I always tell the truth, even if it's bad or embarrassing for me... (kind of silly sometimes...)

5. I don't like to have very young children around me (and I had 7 of my own - you tell me why!)

6. I like to read books and see films in their original language (I can do it in German, Spanish, French and English, so I have a huge range of authors! if I cannot read the language they are written in -love f.i. Haruki Murakami and Qiu Xiaolong-, I read them in English)

7. I can't garden (and I don't like to because I'm the sure plant death! this gives me too many pangs of conscience...) ...AND I'm married to a farmer. My life consists of discrepancies...

I tag 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


  1. Nice to get to know you a little better Sara :-)
    I don't like speaking on the phone either...wish I could speak as many languages as you though!
    Thank you for the tag.

  2. Hallo Sara,
    ich mag Deine Arbeiten und Deine Kreativität sehr, weshalb ich Dich heute auch "getagged" habe.

    LG Luitgard

  3. Hello Sara

    I've just flown over from the wonderful Dotee after seeing your art doll, she's beautiful *!*

  4. I love coming across this "tag" on blog land!
    Numero 3! I hear ya loud and clear there! I lived in Oz for awhile and boy, oh boy... big, gross, icky, and ewwww are the words that come to mind!