May 1, 2007

Plants and craft market

Today we had a wonderful sunny day (like all spring days till yet!) and my daughter and I visited a plant and craft market which is very known in Austria.

There is a society that tries to conserve old plants so that they don't disappear and once a year they have this huge market.

The surprise was that this year there were so many textile related boxes! I even found a wonderful American lady who is visiting a friend in Austria, her name is Mary Hill.
She has a very nice homepage!, here she is at her stand:

Here is the wool, roving, felt stand with a wonderful wool naturally dyed.
It's from Gaby Tezarek-Brückmann:

Here is the felt stand:

and here is the stand of a Finn lady who does very interesting linen clothing and wonderful necklaces (you see them hanging there). Her name is Susanne Riecker and the name of her shop is TUULUKKI in Haslach, 2023 Nappersdorf (Austria):

All in all a great (and expensive! :-)) day!


  1. wow, looks like a great day!, love all that handdyed wool, beautiful colors. and a nice day for an outdoor fair it seems!

  2. This looks like a great day out!