Mar 23, 2007

Video Collection

This is a new idea I had. In my new blog Little Fabric People I'm collecting videos about textile/paper/mixed media techniques and how to.

You will find them on the right column of the blog under VIDEOS.

There are more videos on the list as the ones you see the photos from. Please look at "view more of my videos" to see the complete list!


  1. Sara, this is a wonderful idea. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I love your work. I tried subscribing, through Bloglines, to the feed on your new blog (Little Fabric People), but it's not appearing in my bloglines list. When I subscribed, there wasn't a blog just said "no title". Perhaps this is why? Also I am unable to comment on your new blog because I'm not a vox member.

  3. Hi Stegart,
    I have also problems contacting you because I'm not allowed to see your Blogger profile. Perhaps you ought to change the settings.
    Now I see the problems working with VOX, they have very special features, like the possibility of showing and managing videos but you must sign in and have a Vox identity to receive the updates... This is no problem though, just a new thing to look at...I understand that this makes everything more complex and life is getting more and more complicated...
    help! what can we do?? :-)

  4. Hi Sara, I'm not sure why you weren't able to see my profile. I did put a check in a box, that I have no idea what it's reason/purpose is, but maybe that helped. Otherwise I have no restrictions on my blog.