Mar 28, 2007

Three Guardian Angels

Today I finished my Three Guardian Angels quiltlet.

If you want to know the story and see more Photos please visit my Blog Little Fabric People


  1. great sarah, i just started a small quilt too, as a gift. it is great to work on smaller projects sometimes, and definitely if you commute! i like the stitching that follows the plaid lines. i am always so inspired by existing patterns on fabric.

  2. well, I tried to keep the rules this time because I didn't want to scare my cousin. I wanted to show her how you can do traditional too with the embellisher. I find my quilt way too structured...

  3. Einfach wunderschön, diese Kombination zwischen traditioneller und moderner Textilkunst. Hab mich gefreut über den Platz in deiner Linkliste.