Mar 26, 2007

Spring love


Spring is in the air... well, I imagine it is because it's not definitely spring yet...

But I'm inspired and this can be a good beginning.

I got another try with the embellisher and this machine is fascinating me more and more. It's really done for me and my technique.

This time I tried metallic silk organza and my favorite felt stitching (I don't know the name of it, it's the use you use when you do doll noses). I also tried a special wool and embellished fabric on the border and trapped a piece of fabric (the one with the writing) under nylon organza.

I embellished all over a piece of padded scrim/wool/organza.

I also used Tyvek this time (gold painted)

This is my piece for the Textile Challenges Group.


  1. Sara, this is so beautiful!! I love the little faces at the doors/windows, and the garden.

  2. A fabulous piece Sara, I want an embellisher machine NOW!!!!
    Judy x

  3. thank you!
    judy, you MUST have an embellisher. It's the most important thing for a textile artist. I don't know how I could do my pieces before! :-)

    I can give you a tip though.
    The Janome Xpression costs at;;22
    only 239€ and in Great Britain 355€. If you want me to ask how much the shipping costs, please tell me!

  4. i agree sara, you and this machine are one. and i love your new blogs, you are very ambitious lately.

  5. jude, you could also do wonders with it, I'm sure.
    I'm beginning to work in my studio once more because the temperature is higher!!!! hurray!!!! that's the secret!

  6. you made a wonderful piece I love it an I agree you must have an punch machine I have mine for 2 years now and I love it

  7. Also eigentlich kommt man beim Anblick dieser wunderschönen Ergebnisse gar nicht drumrum, sich auch so eine Maschine zu kaufen.

  8. Sara - this is breathtaking! I want to say it is reminiscient of "Romeo and Juliette"
    oh so romantic and sweet!
    Raleigh, NC

  9. This piece is totally outstanding... I love everything about it!
    Awesome work!

  10. Yes I agree, this piece is outstanding!Very lovely! And about the embellisher machine - I really love mine too! It´s so useful, I think before that it only was for wool, but I think that I will have mine for all fibers!

  11. This is truly an amazing piece. I love all your little people pieces. You are an inspiration to us all.

  12. This piece is beautiful! So pretty and poetic! I love it!

  13. Sara, breathtaking and lovely - like a cathedral window in ones dreams... Just beautiful!!!

  14. Dear Sara.
    This is really beautiful.
    You are amazing!
    I can´t wait to come to your course on Saturday in Komolka.
    See you there.