Nov 12, 2020

Who wants to participate in a challenge for Christmas in the Covid Age?

 A stay at home challenge!

The idea is to make a Santa doll using the techniques you like the most. I will use felting (machine or wet), appliqué and embroidery. I you would like to use fabric as a base you can also do it.

I won't get too much into explaining exactly how to work because I would like it to be a creative more artistic kind of thing where nothing is right or wrong. You just must be pleased with the techniques you use and have fun all along!

I will divide the explanation in steps and provide some hints of how to use eitherfelt or fabric for the outcome.


wool roving, some contrasting colour of knitting wool, darker roving, embroidery threads, matching fabric, whatever you find in your stash!

Or fabric, natural colour for the face, any other colors for the body

Step 1:


Felt a surface in an appropiate size for the face:

I did it longer because I cut it in two pieces to have this result, so you should do it about 8 cm x 16 cm or 2 1/2 x 5"

because the pieces will be sewn together where the line is:

For the ones who work with fabric:

Just cut a piece of fabric following the form of my face or the form you like. You will appliqué this face to the background so that you should reinforce it with a second layer of fabric to be able to stitch on it. You don't need to cut it along the line I mentioned because you will just embroider the beard on it.

Step 2:


For piece 1 I felted some green wool with the embellisher (or with a felting needle) from the background to have green eyes, rosy cheaks and a brown moustache.

Here you see it from the back:

On piece 2 I needle felted some strangs of knitting wool in a suitable colour to do the beard.

I put piece 2 under piece 1 and needle felted them together.

I embroidered the eyes and did some stitching with a sewing thread to pull the brows, the nose and the moustache out fo the surface, stitching like this and pulling the thread after each stitch to get the desired 3D surface:

I sew two little felted ears and embroidered them. I also did some running stitches for the mouth.


You just embroider the features on your background. Be creative, you can use some threads for the beard and brows, etc...

Bye for now, I will be sending Part 2 soon! It should be a kind of mystery challenge!!

I also hope that many of you participate so the we have some fun and see many interpretations of the doll!!

It will be a surface to embroider and appliqué on!!!

Have fun!!!

Answering a question:

Please write in the comments if you participate!


  1. Je vais essayer ce Père Noël qui a l'air bien sympathique, mais probablement pas avant 8/10 jours. J'ai d'autres projets en cours.

  2. Oh yes Sara ! a challenge again ;-) what FUN !!!

  3. I would like to try this :-)

  4. I like to participate, Sara. Het lijkt me leuk om eens mee te doen.

  5. Love the Santa challenge. Really in need of some x-mas feeling. Thanks

  6. I, too, hope to join a bit late,if that is OK, as I have two projects I must finish in the coming weeks.

  7. Going to start today! Such a fun idea!

  8. Hi Sarah, I am a little late but would like to join!