Nov 4, 2020

The Golden Fence

 This piece remembers me of an anecdote with my twin daugther Sophie. 

We were visiting the tomb of her father as she was about 4 years old and her twin brother asked me: "Why are we visiting this tomb? You told us our father is in Heaven", Sophie answered immediately: "Yes, but he sleeps here!". 

Sorry if this is sad, the piece shoudn't be unhappy. You know you can invent your own story. I always leave it to the viewer's imagination.


  1. It is not sad, children have a wonderfull idea of how things are. When my mother died (20 years ago) we went to her grave to see how it looks . One of the grandchildren was about 6 years old. She looked and after a minute she asked my father: But how must grandmother go to the toilet?

  2. Beautiful. I love how children think and express their thoughts. Good for those not afraid to ask questions and are encouraged to do so.

  3. This is simply beautiful, Sara, as is the experience behind it.