Jun 24, 2012

Small stitches

Stitching a new beginning
Stiche für einen neuen Anfang
Un nouveau commencement
Un nuevo principio


  1. Those are very small stitches! You are so clever at putting your tiny pieces of fabrice together in just the right way. I love seeing your pieces grow and trying to guess what you will do next.

  2. Ha ! small stitches are always the best !
    Though they look small, they work for the eye

  3. Hi Sara,
    Good to see you back blogging again. All well with you?

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  5. It is so good to see you posting and working again. I have missed you.
    Lovely small stitches...I can see a story developing.

  6. Yes, the charm of small... thank you, friends, so comforting to hear from you all again!!!