Mar 22, 2011

Sitges Show

I only took these. I always get caught by the exhibition and forget to take photos.
If you'd like to see some more, please visit Mafalda.
Ich habe nur diese Fotos gemacht. Ich schaue immer so konzentriert, dass ich zu Fotografieren vergesse. Wenn Sie mehr sehen wollen, besuchen Sie, bitte, Mafalda.
J'ai seulement pris cettes photos. J'oublie toujours de prendre des photos quand j'ai beaucoup de choses à voir.
Si vous voulez voir encore plus, visitez Mafalda.
Yo solamente tomé estas fotos. Siempre me olvido de sacar fotos cuando tengo mucho que ver.
Si quieren ver más, visiten a Mafalda.


  1. Such a treat for the eyes and so much fun too. I am the same at exhibitions and just want to enjoy the work on display.

  2. Such delight! It would be easy to forget.

  3. it looks wonderful, I rarely take photos at exhibitions either. I would rather examine the work...

  4. You're right, looking through thre camera can make us loose the sense of the works...

    I like watching other people's pictures of the same exhibition I visited. It seems as if we were in a different place: I don't remember the quilts you're showing at all!

    I've already had a look at Mafalda's pictures. Nice!

  5. it's because everybody looks for something different in the exhibitions! :-)

  6. I love you work, it is so inspiring and calming. Bless You
    Debbie In Ohio US