Jun 1, 2009

I'm back from Italy and Pico/Azores

Barcis, where Feltrosa 2009 took place.

A small coffee shop I visited often...

During the workshop...

Cantinho do Ceu at Pico/Azores.

Preparing the exhibition.

The workshop

The ladies of the workshop.

The wonderful landscape of Pico.

After almost 3 weeks of cars, plains, trains and boats I'm back home from Italy, Germany, Portugal and the Azores.

I really need some rest and I don't know if I'm going to be able to be very present in the Blog or internet for a while. The problem is that I have some work to do and I don't have much time free. I think this is going to be my destiny till the end of September where I really am finished with my biggest plans for this year. I look forward to have a quiet fall and winter where I finally can work in my studio.

This doesn't mean that I'm not going to be present at all but not in the way I used to before all these deadlines and workshops began to happen.

Next year I'm going to have Sweden as highlight and I want to prepare new work for the exhibition and workshop there. I'm going to be at Leufsta Quilt and I want to restrict my work in public to this. I'm longing to do new work!


  1. Blessings on your work coming up...loving Sweden....and how fun to be in Italy, Germany, Portugal and the Azores!!

    Art fiber fest coming up in a few weeks..I am teaching dolls and learning more fiber things! I made a puppet video out of my doll...on my blog.

    Happy summer listening to your fun music on your blog.

  2. What a hectic time you have had, but I'm sure it has been a great success for everyone. Enjoy a rest and getting work ready for your next exhibition. Don't work too hard - hope you are having the same lovely weather we are at present. Thankyou for sharing your photos of the beautiful scenery.

  3. Smile...thank you....someday soon a class with you too....!!!

    and a cloth clay doll from you too...?? you are on the cloth clay doll ning I think. I show my little practice class on a few posts down...so much easier to make arms and legs out of welting cord sewn on the machine...faster...and funny...I also only molded the nose and eyebrows out of paper clay not whole face...makes is easier too...so when you have time...he...he...ox

  4. Oh sounds so fun...looked up the city..they are having a summer soltice fest soon...that must be were you went and made your Jestors...
    Great artistic minds think alike!

  5. Planes, boats, trains... what a wonderful trip you have had, thank you for sharing some of it with us. The photos are beautiful.

    The workshop looks fantastic, and I love the sound of the one in Sweden.

    Jacky xox

  6. Happy sigh...what a wonderful trip you had Sara. And your photo's are gorgeous.
    The workshop looks fantastic too!
    It was lovely to meet one of your Australian friends Elizabeth Armstrong recently! She is very talented like your lovely self.
    Take care
    Dot xx

  7. Thank you for your comments. It's so nice to be back home and hear from you all again!

  8. Thats such an exciting trip. My father was in the Azores when he was in the navy at 16. Thats all I know!
    I'm sure you will benefit from a blog break if you have a big project to work on.I look forward to seeing the results in September.

  9. Wunderschöne und beeindruckende Bilder! Es muss eine wirklich schöne Reise gewesen sein, auch wenn Du nun erst einmal zur Ruhe kommen mußt.
    Ich wünsche Dir gute Erholung und frohes Schaffen! Alles zu seiner Zeit. :-)

    Liebe Grüße, Kathrin

  10. Just enjoy yourself!

    I know what it's like working towards a public show...have to keep things "under-wraps" until it's out there.

    But it's always worth it in the end!

  11. wow, the beauty of the countryside and such a fabulous workshop. how i wish i could attend one of your workshops some day.