Apr 1, 2009

New Camera - New Photos - New Work

I had to buy a new camera because the old one died a natural death... I'm very happy with the new one, a Samsung L310W from Amazon. Yes, it is this pink! The pictures have real good colours and I don't have to Photoshop them too much!

I took a couple of photos of my new piece and of the studio to test it and I wanted to share them with you. I was the one to jiggle, not the camera. Next time I must use my tripod!

Ich habe eine neue Kamera kaufen müssen, da die Letzte den Geist aufgegeben hat... Ich bin aber sehr zufrieden mit der Neuen, eine Samsung L310W von Amazon. Und, ja, sie ist auch so knallpink! Die Bilder haben sehr reale Farben und ich muss nicht so viel an sie mit Photoshop arbeiten!.

Ich habe ein Paar Fotos zum ausprobieren gemacht. Von meinem Studio und von meinem neuen Stück und ich wollte sie zeigen. Ich bin die Eine, die wackelte, nicht die Kamara. Das nächste Mal muss ich mit dem Stativ arbeiten!


  1. Oh my Sara, this is your studio?? Wow! What a space, and what a great creation you have going on there!Extremely creative!!

  2. I love the vibrant colours.
    The layers of different textures are so interesting like the fibers are growing through the lace.
    Your so lucky to have that wonderful studio to work in,very inspiring.

  3. I love your photos. It's always fun to have a new camera. I always shake too, so I have a camera with image stabilizer.
    I think you must be happy spring is here.

  4. Good luch, it is great to make things......with new "toys"....

  5. Schön daß Du wieder da und so voller Elan und Arbeitslust bist! (Schaut spannend aus ...!)Und sie scheint gut zu sein, Deine neue Kamera!
    Ich düse bald ab, also bis(s) in einer Woche - Frohe Ostern, Sara!

  6. Fantastic studio! And I continue to enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos. It will be exciting to have a new camera! I want you to know that I picked you as a recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award.

    You can come by my blog at mixedmessagesbykathleenmattox.blogspot.com and copy the icon and put it on your post and/or sidebar. Then pick 7 people as your recipients and list 7 things that motivate and/or inspire you for others to read about on your blog. Congratulations!

    I really enjoy your blog(s), all 3 of them--the whatiffing concept especially is really a fabulous one.