Apr 14, 2009

Last picture of my shop - Letztes Bild von meinem Shop

It took me a while to decide this, but today I must tell you that I closed both of my shops.

I want to work more freely in the future and the shops were keeping me fixed in a spot somehow.

This year I have so many travels abroad that I'm not going to be able to work for the shops like I used to.

I'd like to try a new way of communication and working and I will have plenty of time between my workshops this year to make a good plan. I already have some idea of what I would like to do. Time will tell.

Ich habe eine Weile gebraucht, um diese Entscheidung zu fällen. Ich habe meine beiden Shops gesperrt.

Ich möchte mehr Arbeitsfreiheit haben und die Shops haben mich daran gehindert.

Heuer muß ich öfters ins Ausland fahren und ich würde die Shops auch nicht gut betreuen können.

Ich möchte neue Formen der Kommunikation und Arbeit im Blog finden und ich werde zwischen meine Workshops Zeit haben, daran zu denken. Ich habe schon eine Ahnung bezüglich dies...
Wir werden sehen.


  1. Enjoy your travels and good luck with your new plans.

  2. Da bin ich aber neugierig! Ich wünsche dir so viel Zeit wie du brauchst um dich ausleben zu können.

  3. good luck on your new path. i am sure you will fill the world with more beauty which ever road you take.

  4. There is nothing wrong with your blog Sara - it is always interesting and a feast for the eyes.

  5. Moving, always moving. It's good and blogs help us to keep changing I think xx

  6. Good luck Sara with all your new projects.xx

  7. Change always opens new doors for discovery and creativity.
    Hope your travels are wonderful adventures and I look forward to seeing where it leads you.
    Good Luck!

  8. Fly free! You are a great artist and nothing should tie you down.

  9. I am pleased you are doing what is right for you but sad that I will not be able to buy any more of your pieces of art. But will be happy to see any art you sahre on your blog with us!

    Really enjoyed reading your article in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and finding out more about you. You are not only talented but very interesting too!

    Take care


  10. ich war zwei wochen unterwegs und dann kam ich zuhause kaum noch ins internet (bei zuviel verbrauch wird die leistung runtergefahren). ich wollte dir noch für deinen tollen artikel in professional patchwork gratulieren, den habe ich auf einer zugfahrt genossen! diese woche ich dafür ein artikelchen über meine aromatherapie in bild der frau (naja, anderes niveau!!!)
    viele grüße aus irland eliane

  11. thank you for letting us know. I so love all the work you do.

  12. It sounds as though life is going to be exciting for you. Enjoy the journey and good luck for the coming year.

  13. tob/ruh dich aus.
    un ´ne frage: würdest du mir deine workshop-"bedingungen" erleutern? per mail vielleicht. danke
    und viel spass und fluss.

  14. Thank you for your comments about this. I will continue to sell the things I do in blog if somebody ask per email but I don't want to be obliged to keep a shop going when I'm so much abroad in 2009.
    Eliane, in welchem bild der frau bist du? gratulationen auch!!!

  15. Best of luck! Your creativity knows no bounds and will surely find many new roads to travel on!!!