Nov 17, 2008

An idea...

I have an idea which could help that my book would be sold at too.

If you go to and look for Sara Lechner, you will get this site of a Ruth Rae where I have a piece of mine.

At the botton you will find :
"Books: See all items"

and there:
Search Feedback
Did you find what you were looking for? Yes No
If you press "NO", you can leave a comment and you could ask in this comment if you can order the book :

Gesichter - Faces
ISBN-13: 978-3875127522

This could help to get the book to (if some of you ask!). They only have it at but you could buy it there too if you are familiar with I always buy at and the buttons are the same than in English.


  1. Just left a comment on Amazon. I hope they get it soon! Congratulations on your book. It looks gorgeous.
    Benedicte qui habite à New York

  2. thank you so much for doing this, Benedicte! I hope it works!
    Nathalie, also thank you for ordering it. Enjoy it!

  3. Hi Sara, what a good idea... I've don the dot com one now I'll try the uk one... unfortunately dot com won't ship to the uk

  4. Hi again... if you search for ruths book on amazon uk you can then do the same process... the link is

  5. Hi Sara, Your book looks wonderful, I will try and order as helen has suggested.

  6. Hi Sara!
    I just bought it on your site!And I also wrote you an email to double check my address..I think that in the Paypal doesn't fit completely..(my email is!!Can't wait to receive it!

  7. hope this works, i would love to have your book

  8. Mucho éxito en este proyecto!Felicidades!!!! Que maravilla tener un libro asi! Voy a escribirle a Santa! Lol! :) Si lo compro directo me lo firmas?

  9. Hi Sara,
    Good luck with the book sales.

    Just one more thing,

    You'll either be pleased or prefer to ignore this, but you've been tagged, details are on my blog. BW Triciax

  10. I left a comment too. I hope it helps!

  11. thanks to all of you for helping me!

  12. I will pop over to Amazon Sara and leave a comment now. The book looks great.

  13. Last friday I ordered your book and it was just delivered this afternoon!
    It looks great!
    I'm very happy with it.

  14. I just did this for you at Amazon, I hope it helps.