Nov 10, 2008

Blocking - Spannen

I used this week knitting, whatiffing and watching TV. I had a cold and more time to knit because it wasn't very demanding. While I knitted I thought about my Whatif-piece story too.
This vest is the shape of pullover/poncho/vest I'm always wearing because it is easy to put on on top of anything when I enter my cold studio, it doesn't has long sleeves that get into everything and it warms very much because of the air layers between the loose clothing I also wear.

I got the idea of all these shapes from this picture, and I intend to knit most of them, using some frames as a background for embellished shapes:

The yellow surfaces on my knitted pieces are the ones which are going to be embellished. They are not real ponchos because I sew the side seams up to the arm holes. It will look similarly to my Frida vest.


  1. What wonderful garments you are creating: you are so productive!

  2. I can see a whole new career developing here - practical and attractive garments for artists with cold studios! These garments look really interesting. You have been very busy and productive inspite of being unwell - do hope your cold is better.

  3. Sara,

    You have inspired me again with your vests so i am going through my wardrobe seeing what i can recycle. I relate to the idea of the vests as i cant bear sleeves that drag in everything.

    You have wonderful ideas and I love reading your blogs