Mar 19, 2008

I go with the flow - Mit dem Strom schwimmen

I mean the Creativity Flow of course! I had some creative days where I tried new materials, like fabric paper and paint. I want to have more possibilities to show my imagery with different media. Because of that I'm using machine stitching once more for things that have more detail. I love the possibility offered by the embellisher to have the proper surfaces for working on.

I did some sketches and I think I'm going to work more after sketches and not so much " from the tummy" as you say in German. Well, the sketches come from the tummy but they depict perhaps better my first thought.

This piece is about 14" x 10" (35 x 25 cm).

I used scrim, wool, fabric paper (this technique is explained in the Mixed Media Explorations book of Beryl Taylor and also on the first DVD of Quilting Arts TV) and did machine and hand stitching with self dyed threads on it.

Ich meine natürlich den Kreativitätsstrom! Ich suche immer neue Möglichkeiten und Techniken, um meine Detailzeichnungen umzusetzen. Deswegen verwende ich wieder mehr Maschinsticken.
Der Embellisher erlaubt mir auch, schöne Oberflächen zum Arbeiten zu erzeugen.

Diesmal habe ich nach einem Sketch und nicht so aus dem Bauch gearbeitet. Der Sketch kommt natürlich auch aus dem Bauch, aber ich habe mich mehr daran gehalten. Ich merke es hat viele Vorteile, dies zu machen.

Das Stück ist ca. 35 x 25 cm groß.

Ich habe Mull, Wolle und Papierstoff (wie Beryl Taylor in ihrem Buch "Mixed Media Explorations" und im ersten DVD von Quilting Arts es erklärt). Ich stickte mit Maschine und mit der Hand mit selbstgefärbten Fäden.


  1. I love the attention of little details of your works.

  2. Isn´t that lovley when you have flow! What a gift!

  3. oo the colour!! you can tell it's spring time :D loooooovely

  4. Sara, I love this! Its bright and funny and your work is exquisite!

  5. Love this whimsical style....Color is lovely....I like the mechanical feel to the wire detail....I looks as if it could move....or "do" something...Thanks for sharing your "flow"....I think you have reved mine up a notch too!!!!


  6. I've been waiting for this piece!
    So of course I just bought it! I am a huge fan of your work, I love your use of color, texture, the combination of machine and handwork, everything! I also do machine embellishing with embroidery, but your art pieces are amazing.
    Thanks, Debby Wolff

  7. WOW!! You always amaze me with each new piece. LOVE colors and textures..everything!

  8. Hi Sara
    I discovered your website and visit daily now. I adore your work, not just the techniques but especially the concepts that drive each piece. You are a wonderful artist and I am so glad I found you. I live in New Zealand and am a textile artist.

  9. Hi Sara, I'm new to your blog, and I wanted to tell you I love your work!! I love your choice of colour, and the mix of techniques used. What beautiful works of art!
    :) Carole

  10. This is such a whimsical piece. You always have the right colors and the greatest little details.

  11. thank you for the hint. i have ordered the book. i am loving your blog. would you explain a little more about the willow pagoda? why do the trees need to be bound?


  12. because if not you don't get the form you want!