Feb 21, 2008

Home - Zuhause

Your roots are at home. This little scene with a French touch occurred perhaps because I have a student apprentice from France at this moment. She is a lovely girl, bright and helpful. She lives now in Vienna but her roots are in France.

The chair on the piece is from a French archive with beautiful pictures I have.

I am loving to do these surfaces. They are the ones that are very light and almost transparent and can be handled almost like paper (they have also paper in them).

This time I did an image transfer and painted it.

I wanted to keep it simple and the stitching just enhances the picture, I got carried away with the painting and painted a couple of details more. It is so nice to use different mediums in a piece. These embellished surfaces are really inspiring...

Man hat seine Wurzeln zu Hause. Wir haben zur Zeit eine ganz nette, liebe und hilfsreiche Praktikantin aus Frankreich in unserem Hof. Sie lebt in Wien aber ihre Wurzeln sind in Frankreich.

Der Sessel auf diesem Stück ist aus einem französischen Archiv-Buch, das ich habe.

Ich mag so viel diese Oberflächen zu gestalten. Sie sind so leicht, fast durchsichtig und sie können fast wie Papier verwendet werden (es ist auch Papier drinnen).

Dieses Mal habe ich ein Bildtransfer gemacht und bemalt.

Ich wollte alles einfach halten und das Sticken unterstützt nur das Bild. Ich habe auch einige Details bemalt. Es ist so schön, verschiedene Materialien zu verwenden. Diese gefilzte Unterlagen inspirieren mich so richtig...


  1. As you know, I love all your work. But this one is again touching my soul. You're such a sensitive lady.
    Love to you and say "Hi" to the mountains from me, please

  2. Thank you, Elisa, and I followed your greetings to the mountains!

  3. Its wonderful to see 2 pieces here, side by side, with a similar theme (home) and yet so different in execution. Lovely series, I hope you will do more...! How lucky that your apprentice inspires you so!

  4. this piece and your Valentine piece are just awesome! I can't believe what you do with your art.... amazes me!

  5. I saw this on flickr and had to have a closer look...it's so very tender and I love it!

  6. thank you, annie, it was a one of a kind piece because I usually work with hand stitches, but I loved to do it.