Sep 2, 2007

Leave your skin behind

I continue working with this theme because there are so many things I'm thinking about at this moment.

Do you have old skins you want to leave behind?

This insect I was thinking about eats pomegranates... they are red and rich in taste...he likes them. They carry the poison that's going to kill him...and us too...and everything comes back to the environment, green life, simplicity...

I like riddles.


  1. Is she a free spirit now.... leaving the old comforts, seeking the new, come what may... I would love that too.... I love how these peices are so thought provoking.....

  2. Your work has brought me much enjoyment, thanks!

    Sandra @ Fiber Femmes

  3. Sara, this work and your Cocoons in the last post are amazing, absolutely beautiful and very thought provoking. A pleasure just to look at and think deeply.

  4. thanks, marie, sandra and purple missus!

  5. Great idea!
    it's hard to leave it behind, I wish I could do that without fear or hesitation.