Aug 28, 2007

More inkings...

I'm making more pieces with Inca inspired motives.

I like their imagination and the disposition of the pictures on the fabric.

They are wonderful to take as teachers for a while. I'm learning very much with their help. This let me study their civilization at the same time and it is really interesting that they began with all this at a b.C. time!!

It is also interesting that the fabrics could be conserved for so many years due to the dry climate.

Something is also happening with my use of colors. I got a hang to use some kind of rusty ones with pastel ones... it is an odd combination but I love the result. It sizzles!


  1. Hello there!!!
    Have you been in Chile?
    We got interesting works from mapuche indians, at extreme south of my country (by the way, here lives a lot of german and austriac people:)
    Hello there!
    Nice and interesting blog, I want to send you warm greetings from Chile.
    Visit me if you want, you can translate my blogs to your own language if you prefer...
    A hug!

  2. Hi Sara, all of England loves your work!!!! Hugs, Carol on the coast of the Irish Sea

  3. Sara, kennst du diese Website? Ich habe gelesen das diese Producte auch mit Needlefelting gemacht sind, aber ich glaube mit einer Industriellen Machine.