Aug 15, 2007


You know I'm working on this series now. I cannot resist to show some details of the work because I miss sharing what I do...

There is a new way of making the backgrounds and also I'm using some other creatures, not only my usual figures.

Doing this series and working with the embellisher for some time now I noticed I have a longing for working only with raw materials -not using paints and non-wovens- and trying to get all the structure and colour melting from the combination and punching of different wool colours and qualities.

I also punch fabrics, laces, etc. but I find that using all the painting techniques we are used to working with fabric turns the product much alike to the works we have done before using the embellisher. This machine needs some techniques of her own...

You get for instance the most gorgeous background mixing colours on the back of the piece, it lookes like water color on the front.

The photograph is kind of blurred but you get the idea.


  1. I absolutely love the muted colors mixed in with the brown.

  2. Great pics! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

  3. Fabulous colours and textures.

  4. It all looks so gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it all....

  5. Beautiful work - I agree with the potential of the embellisher - can't wait to see what up come up with - ou have so man brilliant ideas!!

  6. dear sara,
    the things you make are so amazingly beautiful.
    what a pity you can not touch them ...

  7. Oh! Your work is so beautiful. It makes my heart sing! I'm adding you to my list of Beautiful Ones.

  8. Your work is SO beautiful and reflects where I have been going with mine. You are an inspiration and I am adding you to MY blog, as well, if that's OK. :)

    Many Blessings!


  9. I so agree with you that the embellisher needs its own techniques and I think you are managing to do that. Your work is fabulous.